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Apr 18, 2022

Starting Project Kamp Season #2

This is our plan for the coming year

Project Kamp Season 2 start
Ready for Season #2
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Today we start Project Kamp Season #2. It’s been a while but it’s good to be back. We stopped last year November to take a break, recharge ourselves, plan the next year and avoid a bit of rain ;). 
If you want to see all the things we’ve done last year have a look at this recap video. It brings you up to speed with our current situation so you can start following season #2.

Recap of Season 1

The main things we achieved this year

- Made Pathways
- Got running water
- Setup Solar Electricity
- Cleared our big ruin
- Cleared our small ruin
- Opened up the swamps
- Found local material suppliers
- Connected with local people
- Got an official address
- Made a Pizza oven
- Installed Kitchen
- Installed Workspace

What is coming in Season 2

For the new Season we have a video maker (Felix) dedicated to making the videos each week. This means we can spend more effort and time on making good videos for you! We will also start renovation work on the ruins we cleaned up last year and start landscaping the land which means we need a tractor! And another big difference with last year is that before we were on the land with an average of two people. This year we have better infrastructure and want to be with an average of 10.
Have a look at the video below to see the current status and what we want to no this year.

Visit if you want to donate or come and help us out!

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