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Sep 1, 2021

Meet the first Verified workspaces

Discover the first Precious Plastic workspaces to be verified

Verified illustration
Precious Plastic Verified
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The Precious Plastic community has been growing steadily since 2014. Slow growth, that’s how we like it (never a single dollar went into ads). By 2021, tens of thousands of people use Precious Plastic and millions of dollars will be generated through Precious Plastic projects. 

By now the community has gotten to a point where it needs a little segmentation to help improve the overall user experience and give a little recognition to the people that can offer the best recycling work. To achieve this we introduce the Verified tier as part of the Community Program.  

What is a Verified Space?

A Precious Plastic Verified Space is a project consistently putting out outstanding recycling work. This can be solid machines, beautiful products or insightful educational workshops. What we’re looking for is la crème de la crème of the Precious Plastic community. 

What are the benefits of becoming Verified

As outlined in the Precious Plastic Community Program a Verified space will get a bunch of cool perks for all the hard work they’ve put in: 

  • Verified badges on the Community Platform
  • On the map users will be able to filter for Verified
  • Ongoing social media communication driving traffic to Verified space
  • Increase sales channels (Bazar highlight, IG store, etc..)
  • Dedicated slack channels where they can communicate and collaborate between each other and directly with the Precious Plastic team.
User Interface of Precious Plastic website
Verified Badge on the map
User Interface of Precious Plastic website
Verified badge on the profile

Why are we doing this?

Back in February we went back to the drawing board with one question, how can we grow the Precious Plastic movement from the inside out? After much brainstorming the answer was clear: elevate the people that have been smashing it for years. We want Precious Plastic spaces that have been excelling to do even better so they can recycle more, earn more, employ more people and ultimately become the inspiration for the community.  

How do I become a verified workspace?

Very simple, you can apply to become a Verified space using this form. Bear in mind that we are looking for the most exceptional work to be granted the Verified tier, won’t be easy :) Also, this is not a life sentence, you can apply multiple times as your output improves. Ready? Give it a go! 

Synergy and collaboration

We like to think that collaboration can get us a long way. Verified spaces and Precious Plastic will collaborate more closely to grow the movement and boost the work of verified spaces. We want to show that mutual help can be the basis of a strong global movement where self-interest comes second to a global shared goal. 

two people highfiving
Together we're stronger

Show us the Verified !

We’re very excited to share with you the initial selection of Verified. We’ve tried our best to stay unbiased and include the most active and quality projects but as the community is constantly growing and revealing new talent we might have missed some, if so make sure to get them to apply to become verified. We look forward to more talented Precious Plastic spaces to join the Verified. Ok, the Verifieds now.

Robries 🇮🇩

Robries is a workspace based in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Run by an all-women team it is one of the most inspiring workspaces putting out phenomenal product designs and furniture. Their creations are truly outstanding and are selling tons on Tokopedia as the Bazar is not available in Indonesia yet. 

Profile | Instagram

Recycled plastic vase
Robries vase

Precious Plastic Bangkok 🇹🇭

Dominic and his team are very active in Bangkok and the broader region. They have set up a capillary collection system, run regular educational workshops and set up projects for marginalized communities to help them deal with plastic waste. 

Profile | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

plastic recycling workshop
Precious Plastic Bangkok workshop

No Plastic Sunday 🇰🇷

Cohni and his team run No Plastic Sunday (formerly Praglab) from Seoul. They develop super sleek machines, design very informative and engaging recycling programs and sell exquisite products from recycled plastic. Always an inspiration.

Profile | Website | Instagram

recycled products for the bathroom
No Plastic Sunday products

Le Recycler Fou 🇫🇷

Landry and his team produce top notch machines from the north west of France. They provide Europe with some of the best, top quality machines. They focus on all Precious Plastic machines and make them even sleeker.   

Profile | Bazar | Instagram

recycling machines
Le Recycler Fou machines

Precious Plastic Melbourne 🇦🇺

Precious Plastic Melbourne is a family-owned social enterprise empowering and assisting businesses, community groups and schools to join a circular economy. Everything they make is top-notch. Machines, workshops, products and community building. In Australia they’re the place to go.  

Profile | Instagram | Facebook | Website | Youtube

recycled carabiner
Precious Plastic Melbourne carabiner

Recycle Rebuild 🇬🇧

Rory runs his Machine Shop from London delivering machines and brick moulds throughout the world. One of the most active and successful Bazar accounts.

Profile | Bazar | Instagram | Facebook | Website | Youtube

recycled plastic brick
Recycle Rebuild brick

Precious Plastic USA 🇺🇸

Justin has set up a very legit Machine Shop in Portland, US. With his team, they build hundreds of Basic machines for the American continent. 

Profile | Bazar | Instagram | Website

recycling extrusion machine
Precious Plastic USA Extrusion

Precious Plastic Shanghai 🇨🇳

Adele, Andrea and Camille have been working on their Precious Plastic project in Shanghai since early 2016. They run some of the most extensive and complete educational workshops and events with some really impressive companies. 

Profile | Instagram | Website

recycling workshop
Precious Plastic Shanghai educational workshop

El Tornillo 🇨🇴

From Bogota, Colombia El Tornillo have been making very good quality machines and moulds for South America. Very impressive is their collaboration with Saju making FOS sunglasses.  

Profile | Bazar | Instagram

plastic recycling mould
El Tornillo vase mould

Easy Mould 🇩🇪

Friedrich is everything you would want to have from a German machine builder. Perfection to the micron, punctuality and greatest customer service. If you need a mould in Europe look no further. 

Profile | Bazar | Instagram | Website

plastic recycling mould
Easy Mould mould

Utoplast 🇳🇴

Utoplast might be one of the northernmost workspaces, right in the top of Norway. They’re kind of new to the Precious Plastic game but have been lightning fast to get up to speed with their product design game. Always colorful and precise products.

Profile | Instagram

recycled plastic buttons
Utoplast buttons

Crea Creggy 🇫🇷
Arnaud joined the Precious Plastic adventure in 2019 and built over 140 shredders and 40 injections through the Bazar! In his tiny but efficient workspace he focuses on the small but mighty Shredder basic and Injection machine.

Profile | Bazar | Facebook

recycling machine
Crea Creggy 2 in 1 machine


Johannplasto 🇩🇪

Thomas from Dresden, Germany runs Johannplasto solo. It’s impressive how quickly Thomas has been able to set up his workspace and start recycling plastic. His products are top-notch and the animations he makes are super sweet. And great news, he just quit his job to dedicate himself full time to Precious Plastic. 

Profile | Bazar | Instagram | Website| Youtube

recycled products
Johanplasto screwdriver

Brothers Make 🇬🇧

Matt & Jonny from Bournemouth, UK manufacture recycled products and educate hundreds of thousands through their very inspiring Youtube channel focused on recycling and Precious Plastic. 

Profile | Bazar | Instagram | Facebook | Website

two man facing the camera
Brothers Make

Bope 🇹🇭
Bope and Ther were amongst the first ones to pick on Precious Plastic ideas back in 2016. Since then they’ve been leading the movement with some of the best products, exhibitions, productions and collaborations. By 2021 they employ 5 people and have great plans for plastic recycling in Thailand.

Profile | Instagram

murals from recycled tiles
Bope mural

Zelenew 🇺🇦
Jivan from Ukraine is a reference for the Precious Plastic community. His Extrusion products have set a movement within the movement with dozens of people now running businesses making products with the Zelenew technique.

Profile | Instagram

recycled bowl
Zelenew technique

Kunststoffschmiede 🇩🇪

Kunststoffschmiede is a collective from Dresden leading the way when it comes to product design and pushing the limits of what can be done with plastic recycling. From face shields, to the piranha clam, rulers or more.

Profile | Instagram

recycled faceshields
Kunststoffschmiede faceshields

Precious Plastic Lancaster 🇬🇧

Martin and his team have been focusing on product design with its biggest collaboration to date with Re=comb making tens of thousands of handmade recycled combs for the fashion industry. 

Profile | Instagram | Facebook | Website

production of recycled combs
Precious Plastic Lancaster production

PBS machinery 🇳🇱

Peter has designed and developed the Extrusion Pro. Now he’s set up his own Machine Shop making machines and moulds for customers across Europe. A quality hard to match.


Precious Plastic extrusion machine
PBS Machinery extrusion

Samsara 🇮🇳

Prad and Mridhula run one of the best recycling workspaces focusing on furniture straight from Chennai, India. They make these gorgeous tables and chairs

Profile | Bazar | Instagram

recycled conference table
Samsara conference table

Johe Bruneau 🇫🇷

Johe has been an integral part of the team for Precious Plastic Version 3 and 4. He’s more of an artist and can explore the creative side of recycling like no others. He was the mastermind behind the Jaden table and continues to push the limits through art creations.

Profile | Instagram

big recycled conference table
Johe Bruneau table

Precious Plastic Philippines 🇵🇭

The team at Precious Plastic Philippines have been producing more than 600 shredders and have been pushing plastic recycling in the Philippines enabling hundreds of people to start recycling.

Profile | Facebook | Youtube

shredders to recycle plastic
Army of shredder by Precious Plastic Philippines

Necologica 🇦🇷

Necológica is a studio focusing on design and environmental management located in Argentina. They started this project in 2019 with 2 people, today the team has 5 people from different professions. Graduates in environmental management and designers. They make these stunning stools and sell across Argentina while educating their community on the importance of waste separation and recycling.

Profile | Instagram

recycled stoll
Necologica stool

Still Life 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

From Glasgow, Scotland comes one of the best products we’ve ever seen, the stool from Still Life. Incredibly sturdy, nicely finished and ready for any design store. And lately, we’ve seen new products coming up, yay! 


recycled stool
Still Life stool

Smelt 🇳🇱

Studio Selt is a spin off of Precious Plastic Version 4 with Mark and Thomas following their Sheetpress journey and making incredible advancements with sheets and recycled furniture

Profile | Instagram | Website

recycled plastic table
Smelt table

What do you think?

Ok, this was the very first selection of Verifieds. We know we probably have missed some amazing Precious Plastic spaces out there but this is just the beginning. We hope this gives the community a new boost and motivation to continue to grow and learn from each other. Stay inspired. Get melting. Tackle plastic waste together!

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